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Let Him Add

Passion for God, Prioritized People, Purpose of serving read more


Purpose of partnership, Problems in partnership, Power in partnership, Promise of partnership read more

The Call

Worship God supremely, Follow God unreservedly, The focus of our desires will determine the depth of our worship, Worship is demonstrated by our daily devotional life read more


Truth uproots useless traditions. Tradition means nothing in moments of desperation, You must let go of your past before you can grasp your future. read more


Interruptions are really INVITATIONS, They are an invitation to change your FOCUS, An invitation to grow in your FAITH, An invitation to strengthen your FORTITUDE. read more

What You Need

Reuben – see, Simeon – heard, Leah – joined, Judah – praise, Issachar – he will bring a reward, Zebulun – habitation read more


Separation is a time of preparation, Separation positions you so God can bless you, Separation brings protection, Separation results in proximity with God read more


Celebrate the start, Celebrate the stages, Celebrate the stretching When the Spirit moves, He's able to take that which is dark and bring light. When the Spirit moves, He's able to take that which is formless and bring form. When the ... read more

Christmas Is About

Jesus coming to the family, Jesus completing the family, Jesus conquering the enemies of the family read more

Mary's Carol

Mary's Carol, There's something about Mary's song There's something about Mary's faith There's something about Mary's God read more

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