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The Traffic Light

Be ready to go when the Spirit leads you. Don't go alone, though. read more

Mind Viruses

The basement voice vs. balcony voice. read more

Counterculture Living

Hold fast to convictions, have the courage to stand in the face of opposition and have God's compassion for people read more

Time for a Breakthrough

Problems are Persistent. God has a plan and keeps His promise. We must be committed to God's principles. read more

We Have to Pursue the One

We have to pursue the one, see the value of one, and embrace the value of others read more

When the Bread You Want is Not The Bread You Need

Hunger doesn't discriminate and question you cravings. read more

Waiting Room

God wants to restore your joy. read more

Desperate or Defeated

We should be people of prayer, presence, purity, partnership, power. read more

Farmer With A Stick

Use What You Have, Maximize the Sacred Now read more

Sun, Stand, Still

Ask for the impossible, knowing that impossibilities do not exist with God, Advance toward the answer read more

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