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Triumph: Against All Odds

On this Easter Sunday, we discussed what to do when in situation where all the odds seem to be against you. We studied the story of Elijah versus the prophets of Baal. read more

Triumph: Covenant of Grace

Have you ever felt unworthy or unwanted? Have you ever faced a situation that ended differently than you expected? Today we began our Easter sermon series called TRIUMPH with a message called "COVENANT OF GRACE" which depicts a story ... read more

Defeating Your Giants

Today we looked at the familiar story of David and Goliath and examined some key principles in defeating the giants in our own lives. Have you ever reached the point where you wanted to quit or give up? Does it feel like you're not ... read more

Unstoppable: God Wants to Help

Part 4 of our "Unstoppable" series titled: GOD WANTS TO HELP. In this message, we discussed the life of Ruth. read more

Unstoppable: The Samson Effect

In our third week of our series "Unstoppable", we examined THE SAMSON EFFECT which studied the life of Samson and the impact he had. read more

Unstoppable: Bringing Down Strongholds

In part 2 of our series "Unstoppable", we looked at the Israelites overtaking the city of Jericho. From this story, we found principles that guide us in BRINGING DOWNS STRONGHOLDS. read more


Today, our North Texas District Children's Ministries Director spoke on leaving a legacy and a heritage that will outlive and outlast you. read more

Jesus In The City

Moses was instructed to set up cities of refuge for people to flee to in specific circumstances. Just as the Israelites could flee to these cities for refuge, so we can flee to Jesus for refuge. There were six cities of refuge that were set up ... read more

The Balaam Factor

Today we examined the life of Balaam by looking at 5 principles that can be derived from his life and applied to ours. read more

What Do You See

When faced with opposition, what do you see? The obvious problem? Or do you see the promise that is cloaked within that obstacle? Today we looked at the 12 spies Moses sent into Canaan and the two reports that were brought back. read more

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