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Rich In Christ

People of God have a Privilege because of a relationship and He gives us a Pattern by which we live. read more

What Is Central

Realize your position, Rely on His Power read more

The Price

We're Prone to Forget,There is a price to be paid, Are you the person God uses? read more

Live Your Calling No Matter What

Look Beyond, Live with a Spirit of expectation, Live a New Normal read more

God Writes Your Story

Problems are a part of life and they are part of the purpose to your story read more

Thank God for Fleas

Praise God regardless of your circumstances read more

Jason Spears

Do for one what you wish you could have done for everyone! read more

Ambassador, Not Salesman

Declare and Demonstrate The Gospel, Depend on the Spirit Not Self read more

Mel Surface - Guest Speaker

Don't forget those who don't know about Jesus and share it with them. read more

Freedom in the Spirit

Condemnation is abolished by the Spirit of God, control of sin is broken, companionship of the Spirit, and we are conquerors through the Spirit read more

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