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Foxes focus on pleasing self, fight unfairly & do not forgive. read more

Real Friends

Real Friends Love One Another, Learn from One Another, Listen to One Another, and are Loyal to One Another. read more

Fear of the Lord

Fear of the Lord is an attitude of respect toward God. Develop fear of the Lord. read more

Call the Coach

We need a hunger for the Word. The Word will produce holiness. The Word of God helps us with everyday life. The Word of God gives hope. read more

Guest Speaker Gary Sapp

Peter was frustrated. He needed to get away from the crowds and went fishing. He did not catch anything. He saw a man on the beach, but did not recognize Him. Jesus told them to cast nets on the right side and they did. This is when they ... read more

Walk In Freedom

Freedom Sin's dominion, our mind, and as we walk in the Spirit read more

Snake Bit, But Did Not Die!

Snake Bit, But Did Not Die read more

Passionate Commitment

Reasons why people lack passionate commitment • It is easier to do what we want, rather than what is right. read more

Winning the Battles Inside

Winning the Battles Inside Psalm 134:1-8 read more

Guest Speaker Sujo John

Sujo John was in one of the Twin Towers when it was hit on 9/11. God has used his testimony to share the love of God with thousands of people. He is involved in a ministry, you can free us. It is a ministry that fights Human Trafficking. read more

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