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We Have to Pursue the One

We have to pursue the one, see the value of one, and embrace the value of others read more

When the Bread You Want is Not The Bread You Need

Hunger doesn't discriminate and question you cravings. read more

Waiting Room

God wants to restore your joy. read more

Desperate or Defeated

We should be people of prayer, presence, purity, partnership, power. read more

Farmer With A Stick

Use What You Have, Maximize the Sacred Now read more

Sun, Stand, Still

Ask for the impossible, knowing that impossibilities do not exist with God, Advance toward the answer read more

Defining Success

Acknowledge the tendency to drift & accept full responsibility to fulfill your destiny. read more

The Other Side of Obedience

Your current situation isn't your final destination read more

The Other Side of Failure

Price of failure - death, Provision of God - life, read more

Hello From The Other Side

Nothing Happens by accident, Nothing is unimportant to God, Nothing is too big for God read more

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