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What You Need

Reuben – see, Simeon – heard, Leah – joined, Judah – praise, Issachar – he will bring a reward, Zebulun – habitation read more


Separation is a time of preparation, Separation positions you so God can bless you, Separation brings protection, Separation results in proximity with God read more


Celebrate the start, Celebrate the stages, Celebrate the stretching When the Spirit moves, He's able to take that which is dark and bring light. When the Spirit moves, He's able to take that which is formless and bring form. When the ... read more

Christmas Is About

Jesus coming to the family, Jesus completing the family, Jesus conquering the enemies of the family read more

Mary's Carol

Mary's Carol, There's something about Mary's song There's something about Mary's faith There's something about Mary's God read more

Angel's Carol

Angel's Carol, Christmas defeats fear, Christmas is delivered to all, Christmas disburses good news, Christmas declares the praises of God read more

Simeon's Carol

Simeon's Carol, Allow the Spirit to lead you, Anticipate the fulfillment of God's promises, Accept His presence, Acknowledge who Jesus is read more

Zach's Carol

Keep your heart right, Wait patiently for God to move, Reset your default settings read more

Step Into Your Destiny

Step toward your destiny, Step up when tested, Step away from distractions, Step on the character and promises of God read more

Overcoming Fear

Be a warrior, Be a worshiper, Make right choices, The fight prepares you for your future, Warring results in defeat and death, Warriors march, even in the face of adversity, Whatever you fear is what you worship read more

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