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Pass the Baton

Pastor Notes: 2 Kings 2:1 – 14; John 3:26 – 30 Elijah – My God is the Lord Elisha – My God is salvation John - Jehovah is a gracious giver Jesus – Jehovah is salvation read more

Guest Speaker Dylan Johnston (Emmaus Road)

Appreciate the journey. It has a purpose. Run the race. "their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus." Luke 24:31 read more

Lessons from Absalom

Pastor notes: Lessons from Absalom. Read: 2 Samuel 13:23, 28 & 29, 32, Romans 12:19. "Until you let go, God cannot be in control.". read more

Lessons from Saul

Pastor notes: Action Steps: Completely Obey God. Wait for God's timing. Take responsibility for your own actions. read more

Shake It Off

Pastor: Shake it off Jesus has given us a mission. We have been called to community. We have His authority. Do not allow distractions to seduce you away from your mission. The mission is urgent. The mission is difficult. Harvesting is hardwork. ... read more

Accept the Invitation

Pastor notes: Read Luke 7:36-50; Matthew 26: 36-46; Mt. 28:1-7. First Invitation Luke 7, Second Invitation, Matthew 26, & Third Invitation, Matthew 28 . "All God to DEFINE you, not people." read more

Behold, the lamb of God

Pastor notes: I am second. "John...spoke out openly and clearly, saying: 'I am not the Messiah."' -John 1:20 Jesus is first.- "I did not recognize Him" John 1:31&33 read more

What Does God Say?

Pastor notes: Promise of His; 1. Presence 2. Power 3 Provision. Prepare yourself...1. Spiritually, 2. Mentally, 3. Emotionally. "Be strong and courageous"- Joshua 1:6,7, & 9 read more

What Do You Do?

Pastor Notes: God's confession is: " You can live blessed or live in mess!" read more

What Do You Say?

Pastor Notes: Have you ever felt like no one understood you? That no one really got you? Today's sermon is found in Matthew 16 and Luke 9. read more

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