marriage mentors

Marriage Mentor  Mission:

The purpose of marriage mentoring is to lovingly invest in the preparation, maximization, and restoration of lifelong marriages by walking alongside couples who are less experienced than their mentors and giving those couples tools and shared experiences in building a successful marriage.  

Bethel Church believes the decision of who to marry is one of the most important life decisions an individual will make.  We are committed to assisting couples in establishing relationship principles that will strengthen their foundation for marriage. 
Twogether in Texas is a state program that sees value in pre-marital education and the statistical benefits of such an endeavor.  The State of Texas requires 8 hours of class time with extra-curricular exercises in order for a couple to be certified and to receive their marriage license for free.  Except for the weekend training classes, 8 hours of class time will be divided into 6 sessions. 
Bethel Church partners with the State of Texas to offer pre-marital education classes in three different forms:

1)       Couple on Couple Marriage Mentoring Sessions.  We have trained Marriage Mentors with whom you can schedule sessions according to a schedule that will fit your needs. 

2)       Wednesday Night Group Sessions.  On Wednesday nights at 7:00 sessions are offered in room C10.  You must register for the class through the church office.  Classes run according to need.

3)       From time to time we schedule weekend session that run on Friday night and Saturday in which all 6 classes may be completed in a weekend.  The office will have information if a class is upcoming.

****Before coming to your first session, please purchase your student member books from the church office.  Books are $10.00 each and each individual participant will need a book.