small groups

What is an E-Group?   An E-Group is a small group.  Everything we do here at Bethel Church falls under our umbrella mission statement defined by 3 E’s:  EXALT  EQUIP  EXTEND.  We want to Exalt God, Equip people to serve God and others, and Extend the love of Jesus into our community.  Our small groups do just that; and that's why our small groups are called E-Groups.


How do they work?
Groups meet once a month from Feb - Nov. That means, any time is a great time to join.!  
At 8 - 15 people in size, they are a wonderful setting  
    to build meaningful relationships,
     grow in an understanding of God’s Word,
      and be able to ‘Do Life Together’ as God intended!


How do I join Call the church at 254-778-3126 and they will connect you with the pastor who oversees E-Group Ministries.Together you’ll find a group that will best meet you or your families needs...or check the church calendar to see which weeks our groups are meeting, and click on the link below and we'll help connect you to a group.

What are we currently doing?
As a church we are reading through the entire Bible. Each week's reading will consist of some Old Testament and some New Testament ( Wherever we are in our reading that small group weekend, we will be doing SOAP's. We will be reading a portion of Scripture, making Observations, discussing how it Applies to our lives now, and then Praying that God helps us to apply it to our lives.